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more RANKS

Post  raichu-hinata-dmg on Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:07 am

well, you know about the first RANKS. Where you can get different RANKS deppending on how meny times you post on the forum. well not theirs new ones!

Friendship Ranks
Their are 5 freindship RANKS. If I see some good friendship going on the 2 people will be boosted up to one of the Friendship RANKS. You'll be lucy to get 1 star on you friendship rank but you can get 5 star...

Foe Ranks
Incase you didn't know. Foe = Enemy. By causing chaos you can start to get theis RANKS and 5 is the highest. They replace warning meters so dissobying rules can cause theis. Once you've got a higher warning level than 100%...YOU BANNED!

Teamwork Ranks
Theis ranks depend on how well you get on with thers when doing group related things, coming soon...


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